Client Testimonials

"Out on I-40, two friends and I hit the asphalt at 90mph. You never forget something like that. You also never forget those who were there to help - to genuinely help. The honest and tireless legal support that Steve Schapiro and Stan Leventhal dedicated to us was powerful. But even stronger was their sincere understanding of this lifestyle - and of it's importance. That is what truly restored us."

by Bill Hayes, Boozefighter's National Publicity Officer, and former client

Hello Stan,

I want to tell you that it was and has been a real pleasure working with you right from the very start. From the first time that I called you from the hospital when I was scared and not knowing what was going to happen to me, you made me feel calm and told me that it would all work out and would be alright and you were right. I needed that reasurrance, especially at that time. I think I told you once before that I have had a few dealings in my life with lawyers in the past (fortunately for me it wasn't many) and you changed my opinion about the profession. You have a very caring personality and demeanor and you come across like you really do care about people and that is a great thing Stan.

Stan, I know there will probably be a few final words before my case is closed but I just wanted to make sure I took the time to say what I did above. You are a good man and I will keep you in mind for anything I made need in the future even if it's only for you to steer me in the right direction or to another attorney if need be. I'm hoping though that I will never have to need your services again and that any furture correspondence will only be to say hello and to see how you're doing.

Take care Stan. Charlynn and I thank you and your entire staff, Jamie and Tanya as well for everything you all have done to help us. We went through a very scary and uncertain time in our life.

by Chuck Matheson